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Z170REG2 Signal Splitter

DIN rail mount signal splitter | signal duplicator | signal doubler | signal isolator for analog signals.  

Power supply 10-40VDC 18-28VAC

Channels number 1 input, 2 outputs 
1.5 kVac, 4-way Galvanic isolation

A/D Resolution 14 bits

Removable terminals

Max 2W  Power consumption
DIP switches and PC software (EASY_Z109)

17,5 x 100 x 112 mm Dimensions (wxhxd)

PBT, 110 g, black Housing, weight, colour
-10..+65°C Operating temperature

IP20 Protection degree

CE, EN 61000-6-4, EN 64000-6-2, EN 61010-1 Approvals

Response time Configurable between: 11 ms («Fast»
rejection=max velocity), 22.66 ms (rejection to
60Hz) or 26 ms (rejection to 50Hz)


Voltage: Scale range configurable from 0-10V.Input impedance:120kW.

Current: Scale range configurable from (0) 4-20mA. Internal shunt:50W.  ACTIVE/PASSIVE
Potentiometer: Scale range configurable from 1
kOhm to 100kOhm (with parallel resistor)

Thermocouple: for TC type J, K, R, S, T, B, E, N.

Thermoresistance: RTD type, PT100, PT500,
PT1000, NI100. Resistance measure(for 2,3,4 wire

                 Z170REG 4-20mA signal splitter or signal doubler

signal splitter 4-20 mA or signal duplicator for thermocouple 4-20mA 0-10V signals


N.2 Channels 14 bits

Voltage: Configurable in the range 0-10 V
(min resistance that can be connected: 20kOhm)

Current: Configurable in the range 0/4-20 mA
(max resistance that can be connected: 600 W,
Z170REG Signal Splitter


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