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ATR171 Multifunction Temperature Controller



Ceramics/metalworking furnaces
Bread ovens
Refrigeration tunnels
Safety unit
Cold storage
Cascade control(remote setpoint)
Differential controller (regulation on mean/differential)

Description - Controller

Controller 72x72 mm, 2-4 setpoints, one or two analog
inputs configurable by parameter for up to 17 different sensors/signals.

Four versions are available with different hardware resources: Outputs configurable as relays (also as Open/Close logic for motorized valves control), SSR, 4?20mA, 0?10Volt signal (both for command or re-scalable retransmission of process/setpoint). The switching power supply with extended range 24?230Vac/Vdc does not require any jumpers setting. Control modes: On/Off, PID+Autotuning, Heating/Cooling PID with neutral zone.

Software features include the launch of Tuning, the selection of 2-4 setpoints by digital input, the optional manual reset of output by frontal keyboard (?Limit controller?), and the Timer function for working time (useful to simplify systems that feature two different devices for regulation and timer functions).

Most complete model is provided with two analog inputs featuring ?EASYUP? modality for sensors self-configuration (for example: RH96 model Humidity + Temperature), or for the remote - setpoint from another Master device(controller/PLC). Double loop version allows also to make average or difference between the analog inputs to extract the setpoint control and is provided with serial communication RS485 with ModbusRTU protocol.

Sealing IP65 with frontal gasket. Optional Memory Card to copy all parameters, available also with internal battery therefore not requiring to power up the unit. Software application LABSOFTVIEW for Windows enables setting and monitoring of parameters on PC. CE, UL-CSA approved.

Technical data

SIZE: 72x72(frontal) x 99mm(depht)
POWER SUPPLY: 24...230 Vac / Vdc +/- 15% 50/60Hz
DISPLAY: dual green/red, 4 digits, 8 red LED, decimal
1 selectable for TC K, J, S, R, PT100 (2 scales), NI100,
PT1000, PT500, PTC1K, NTC10K
0...10V, 0...40mV, 0/4...20mA (also for remote setpoint),
Pot. 6KK, Pot. 150KK.
1 (only ATR171-23ABC-T) selectable for TC K, J, S, R,
PT100 (2 scale), NI100, PT1000, PT500, PTC1K, NTC10K
ATR171-11ABC : 1 relay 8A resistive, 1 SSR output
ATR171-12ABC : 2 relay 8A resistive, 1 SSR output
ATR171-14ABC : 3 relay 8A resistive, 1 relay 5A/30V
ATR171-23ABC-T : 3 relay 8A resistive, 1 output
SSR/mA/Volt (command or retransmission, galvanic
isolated from supply and sensor input) + RS485 Modbus
DIGITAL INPUT: Tuning start, multi-setpoint selection,
Man/Auto, Lock Display, Start/Stop cycle (not on
CONTROL: ON/OFF, P, PI, PID Autotuning
ACCURACY: 0.5%+ or -1digit for TC/RTD; 0.2%+ or -1digit for V/mA
SAMPLING TIME: selectable (max 15ms)
SEALING: IP54 Frontal (IP65 with gasket), IP30 Box,
IP20 Terminal blocks
CONFIGURATION: Parameters protected by password,
Memory card with battery, software LabSoftView for quick
setting and storage of parameters on PC
EASYUP setting options: Temperature/humidity/pressure
sensors, retransmission output, remote control



Pixsys | Temperature Controller