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Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. We specialize in process measurement, control and automation instrumentation. The site contains technical data sheets and full user manuals for our unique range of European manufactured temperature controller, signal converter, digital panel meter, PLC & HMI automation solutions.

Digital panel meters

Ucontrol offer some of the most attractive solutions for your process measurement and display applications. Our entry level low cost digital panel meters provide universal inputs, transmitter power supply and wide ranging power options. our new STR550 below is at the forefront of Digital panel meter technology. It has 7 backlight colours which can change on alarm threshold, can be programmed for vertical or horizontal orientation & has bar-graph and trend display options

digital panel meter

PID Controllers

The ATR PID & temperature controller range provide simple, cost effective process control solutions. Devices such as the ATR243-20 PID controller pioneered features such as memory card programming, wide ranging 24 to 240VAC/DC power supply PC configuration and programmable input & output selection. The ATR401 & ATR421 Temperature controller tackle more demanding applications such as servo valve drive control and multi-stage programmers for Kiln applications

PID temperature controllers

Service & Support

Whether you intend to specify a simple temperature sensor or install a full control system, Ucontrol will provide unrivalled level of pre-sale and after-sale support. Unlike the majority of our customers we know our products really well and we endeavour to ensure the experience using them and dealing with us is as pleasant and hassle free as possible.

ATR121 Temperature controller

NEW!! Current Transformer with Modbus RTU

2000.35.013 TRMS AC/DC 50A current transformer with Modbus RTU and analogue output. Utilizes hall effect sensing technology for high accuracy. See  Signal Converter

page for full specification.
cmc paperless recorder with Modbus

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Signal Converters

Seneca srl Z range signal converter, signal isolator & signal splitter DIN rail solutions provide a balance of flexibility and low cost for a vast array of signal conditioning applications including commonly used 4-20mA & 0-10V . Three user configuration methods are available on the most popular models, dip-switches for standard ranges, live signal injection and software programming using free EASY software. The K series signal converter and signal isolator range also solves most input requirements & at only 6.5mm width is a great solution when limited space is an issue

Z170REG signal splitter, signal isolator & signal converter with programmable inputs including thermocouple, RTD, voltage & mA current with 2 independent 0-10V or 4-20mA outputs

PLC & HMI Products

Pixsys srl manufacture a reliable and user friendly range of HMI PLC solutions for low to mid level machinery automation. The TD240-11AD HMI with built in PLC below is typical of the range. 16 digital input/outputs, 4 programmable universal 16 bit analogue inputs which include most thermocouple types PT100 sensors directly in addition to 4-20mA 0-10V. 4 0-10V outputs 2 serial communication ports both Modbus   master or slave, 15Khz high speed inputs, PID loops, maths functions, 32 16 bit timers, bi directional counters bistable inputs etc and free powerful ladder based programming software.

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