Low cost, high functionality, quality build temperature controller ATR226

ATR226 is the newest temperature controller in the ATR family.  The approach to design and production for this model was incorporate all the required features into one part number and mass  produce hence keep the sale price as low as possible.


This was achieved and the ATR226 packs in the following features. Programmable input for thermocouple, PT100, PT1000 & NTC thermistors.  Two relay outputs and one logic output for solid state relay.  PID, on/off algorithm with auto-tuning and soft start. Multiple alarm strategies & a digital input for several functions including manual alarm reset making the ATR226 an ideal solution for over-temperature applications.

Configuration by Labsoftview PC based program software, mini USB flash card or keypad.  Wide ranging 24 to 240V AC/DC supply with no need to change links or jumpers.  IP65 protection with impact resistant bezel and neoprene click action push buttons.  Also a shorter case depth of 90mm


Further information is available from  https://www.ucontrol.com.au/pid-temperature-controllers.html


STR571 Modbus Remote Display for digital panel meter with serial communications

The NEW STR571 allows remote display & parameter modification of up to eight STR551 digital panel meter via Modbus communications or any slave device which has Modbus RTU.  In addition the STR571 has a slave port it self which can be read by a master.  So the STR571 is a useful product to use an inexpensive local interface.

The display format can be 1,2 3 or 4 variables per page.  The fewer variables per page the larger the digits.  Descriptions and engineering units of your choice are programmable on the clear OLED display.  Data can be read and re-scaled and assigned to either of the 2 on board mechanical relays.


Also reading of numeric value can flag different messages via the enumeration feature.

There is also a potentiometer input which can be used for easy adjustment of one of the variables.  The supply is a wide ranging 24-240V AC/DC and configuration is possible via Android smartphone in addition to as standard PC.