Truapm-Proc panel meter perfect for tank silo measurement application

The Truaapm-proc-apo digital panel meter is perfect solution for tank silo measurement application.  The APM-Proc-apo panel meter receives industry standard 4-20mA or 0-10V from either pressure transmitter – hydro-static measurement, ultrasonic transmitter or another type of measurement device with a DC analogue output.


The 4-20mA or 0-10V signal can be scaled into engineering units such as gallons or litres.  This scale can be between 2 points for a linear signal such as required for a vertically mounted cylindrical tank or up to 20 points of linearization for horizontally mounted cylindrical tank.

The APM digital panel meter LCD display is both numeric and 90 degree bar-graph.  Numeric gives the accuracy and the bar-graph an instant notification and reference to tank capacity, of where the level is.

The display back-lighting can be red, green or white, or in case where levels are exceeded, the display can change colour and even flash.


For control &  integration into remote systems there are 2 outputs that can be a static switched digital output 500 mA or analogue re-transmission 4-20mA.  Power supply is 12-24VAC/DC