TD Range powerful HMI with PLC and Modbus

The new European manufactured TD LCD touchscreen range of Pixsys HMI’s offers a powerful and flexible solution for complete machine control or interfacing with third party PLC.

Modbus HMI

The TD series HMI is a high resolution range of screens from 4.3 to 12.1 inch with which uses a ARM Cortex a8 processor with integrated eMMC 4GB / RAM 512 DDR3 memory.  Solid state technology makes it suitable for industrial environments where there is likely to be mechanical disturbances &  vibrations.

The TD HMI range is equipped with facility to mount rear I/O expansion cards ETD1644.  The TD410 4.3″ screen a single card due to physical size, the other TD models up to 2 cards.  This will provide up to 32 digital I/O, 8 16 bit  fully universal analogue inputs which include thermocouple inpts, PT100, PT1000 RTD sensors, 0-10V, 4-20mA 0-6K potentiometers and more.

The TD series has a powerful soft logic capability transforming from a HMI to a complete HMI/PLC control solution.  The development environment is called Logiclab which meets the standard IEC 61131 allowing multiple methods of programming eg ladder, function block, etc

TD710 upwards provides 2 serial ports, 1 CANopen port, 1 Ethernet port & 2 USB ports.  Supporting standard Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU master or slave protocols.

Through the Movicon graphics software there is ability to automatically map to the logic variables and communicate with up to 80 third party protocols including Modbus, Allen Bradley, Siemens, BACNET IP etc

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