low Cost BACnet Modbus RTU Converter

Do you have requirement to convert Modbus RTU into BACnet MS/TP then the AT-DSCB could be a perfect low priced solution.  The AT-DSCB BACnet Modbus converter is a standalone BACnet B-ASC class programmable DIN rail device with a Modbus RTU Master or Slave port. It uses 32-bit microprocessor core, communication up to 76,800 bps, transmission distance up to 1,200 meter. Modbus RTU port max 38400 bps, can be master or slave and read or write to up to 100 registers. AT-DSCB conforms international BACnet MS/TP communication protocol and fully compatible with any BACnet system.   Instance address and other settings are configured via free software MAC address is set by on board dipswitches.