Pixsys ATR244 controller, most advanced 48 DIN universal controller.

Pixsys ATR244 temperature controller has undergone a couple of hardware and software enhancements, to make it one of the most powerful yet user friendly temperature or process controllers available today.

The standard ATR244-12 has universal input with 12 or 24 V DC transmitter power supply.  Universal outputs for control or alarms; 2 relays, 1 analogue output which is 4-20mA or 0-10V selectable, 2 PNP outputs, 2 PNP inputs and optional RS485 Modbus RTU. Universal supply 12-24VAC/DC

The Pixsys ATR244 is loaded with functionality, which can be ignored or unlocked without extra cost, such as;

2 Timers

3 segment program

Auto Manual Control

Auto-tune with adaptive tune.

1-4 setpoint switch (via digital input)

4 scrolling 20 alpha numeric character messages selectable on alarm or vai digital input.

Multiple alarm strategies

Pixsys ATR244
Pixsys ATR244 temperature controller

Program Interface, for set up this can be achieved by the push buttons and there are scrolling messages with prompts to assist.  Using standard Micro USB use the free software Labsoftview with standard windows PC.

Or the truly unique method with a smart phone via NFC link.  A super convenient and accessible method for everyone to quickly program, save and send files via the “PC” they keep in their pocket.  Download the free Pixsys APP on google Play