Z113-1 Trip Amplifier

Z113-1 Trip Amplifier is a 17.5mm width DIN rail mounted programmable trip amplifier with two normally open relay outputs which share the same common.  The signal input is programmable to accept multiple sensor types which include active or passive (0)4-20mA, 0-10V,  0-1V, (0)1-5V, thermocouple type K,R,S,T,N,J , RTD sensors PT100, PT1000, PT500, NI100 and Potentiometers.  Programming is completed with the free, wizard based Windows EASY programme software and standard USB cable.  The power supply is 10-40VDC / 18-28VAC, making the Z113-1 Trip amplifier also suitable for automotive style applications utilizing 12V.


ATR224 Process and Temperature controller just for digital outputs

The NEW ATR224 process or temperature controller is a cutdown version of the ATR244 with single PNP and 2 relay outputs.  The ATR244 is ideal for over-limit and over temperature type applications.  The main output can be configured to latch and reset is possible via digital input or pressing frontal.  The ATR224 controller has the same fantastic smart phone support for set up via the Pixsys APP as the rest of the blue-line family of process controllers and now with additional blue tooth adaptor for IOS platforms.

ATR224 pixsys controller just for relay and logic outputs.
ATR224 pixsys controller just for relay and logic outputs.

The ATR224 temperature controller accepts universal inputs including 4-20mA, thermocouple, RTD sensors and 0-10V and can provide 12 or 24VDC transmitter power supply. Supply is 24-240VAC/DC

for further information; https://www.ucontrol.com.au/ATR224-Temperature-Controller.html

AMP-PROC-APO Panel meter for process display 4-20mA or 0-10V

Our Trumeter APM-PROC-APO digital panel meter for 4-20mA or 0-10V is achieving massive strides in popularity for a wide variety of applications which include;

Tank contents measurement, Speed measurement, water flow, pressure monitoring,  power monitoring, automotive and marine applications.

The APM-PROC-APO has a muti-couloured user programmable back-light.  For instant visual recognision of alarm or fault conditions couple with a 90 degree bar-graph and 4 digit display which can be scaled by the user.


It accepts 4-20mA or 0-10V inputs and provides 2 outputs which are user configurable for 4-20mA or static switch (max 500mA) to power a miniature relay.

Programming is very simple using a standard USB cable via windows PC.  Alarm thresholds, default and alarm backlight colour, input type, scaling, sensitivity and custom linearization can be quickly applied.

The APM-PROC-APO has an impact resistant IP65 moulded bezel which is DIN 72.  Power supply is 12-24VAC/DC so can be used in automotive style applications requiring 12VDC.


APM-MAX Digital Panel Meter for 4-20mA

The Trumeter APM-MAX  Process digital panel meter is a large display, multi-colour RGB back-lit LCD panel mounting meter for 0-10V, 4-20mA,  and DC current shunt inputs with Ethernet and RS485  Modbus RTU and TCP/IP communications.  An innovative, easy to configure, programmable digital panel meter providing highly visual display of your critical parameters with interface to external control systems via communications.

The APM-MAX also has digital and analogue 4-20mA outputs for integration into control circuitry.

APM-MAX Panel Meter
digital panel meter with LCD backlight

The APM-MAX-M23 has been specifically designed for engineers requiring a more effective way of monitoring and displaying essential process data. The Trumeter APM series digital displays are revolutionizing the future of panel meter industry.

457 Large Digit Panel Meter

457 Large digit panel meter from Ucontrol is a available for longer viewing distances typically up to 15 metres.  The 457 large LED digital panel meter has 4 x 38mm LED which have 8 adjustable levels of brightness.  The inputs available are analogue 4-20mA / o-10V / mV, temperature such as RTD and thermocouple or pulse inputs for rate, frequency or total.  A wide variety of optional extras are available such as up to 4 relay outputs, isolated passive and non isolated active 4-20 mA analogue output and transmitter power supply.

Large digit panel meter

RS485 Modbus RTU communications is a standard feature.

19-35VAC/DC power supply is standard stock.

W410 and 457 Large digit displays available for long viewing distance.

The new W410 (100mm LED) and 457 (57mm LED) large digit display range for industrial applications are available from stock.

Extra large digit display

The W410 extra large digit display can be viewed typically from 50 mtr.  It has 8 levels of brightness selectable in the program menu, a universal input which includes RTD, thermocouple, 4-20mA, 0-10V and mV ranges, it also features relay outputs RS485 Modbus port and optional analogue output. Initial set up programming can be performed by an internal keypad, via an infra red remote programmer or via RS485 using free configuration software.

Multi Colour Large Digit Display

The 457 is stocked with red ultrabright LED as standard, but can be ordered with gree, blue or a multi-colour version that can change colour on threshold.  The 457  large digit display can be viewed typically from 50 mtr and is supplied in a IP66ABS case.  All the inpt and output options available on the W410 are also available on the 457 Large LED display

Pixsys ATR244 controller, most advanced 48 DIN universal controller.

Pixsys ATR244 temperature controller has undergone a couple of hardware and software enhancements, to make it one of the most powerful yet user friendly temperature or process controllers available today.

The standard ATR244-12 has universal input with 12 or 24 V DC transmitter power supply.  Universal outputs for control or alarms; 2 relays, 1 analogue output which is 4-20mA or 0-10V selectable, 2 PNP outputs, 2 PNP inputs and optional RS485 Modbus RTU. Universal supply 12-24VAC/DC

The Pixsys ATR244 is loaded with functionality, which can be ignored or unlocked without extra cost, such as;

2 Timers

3 segment program

Auto Manual Control

Auto-tune with adaptive tune.

1-4 setpoint switch (via digital input)

4 scrolling 20 alpha numeric character messages selectable on alarm or vai digital input.

Multiple alarm strategies

Pixsys ATR244
Pixsys ATR244 temperature controller

Program Interface, for set up this can be achieved by the push buttons and there are scrolling messages with prompts to assist.  Using standard Micro USB use the free software Labsoftview with standard windows PC.

Or the truly unique method with a smart phone via NFC link.  A super convenient and accessible method for everyone to quickly program, save and send files via the “PC” they keep in their pocket.  Download the free Pixsys APP on google Play



PT100 and Thermocouple Sensors

Ucontrol Pty Ltd now stock and supply a competitively priced range of standard thermocouple and PT100 sensors to suit general purpose and specialized applications.  Standard sizes include aluminium heads with 200, 300 and 400 mm stainless steel tube suitable for 250 degC for RTD and PT100 sensors and up to 800 degC for K thermocouples.


A range of accessories is also available such as mounting flanges, compression fittings and transmitters.

For ongoing applications, special sizes can also be manufactured and in addition to PT100 and K thermocouple,  different thermocouple types too, such as type N, T, R and J in addition to RTD sensor type PT1000 and NTC sensors.


MCM260X Modbus RTU Expansion Module

MCM260X are a range of universal analogue signal and digital I/O DIN rail expansion modules with Modbus RTU slave protocol.  Versions accommodate 16-bit analogue inputs, which include thermocouples, PT100, NTC thermistors, 0-10V, 4-20mA and resistance ranges, analogue outputs programmable for 0-10V or 4-20mA. digital PNP inputs, high speed counter  (80 kHZ) unidirectional or quadrature with marker pulse and digital PNP outputs max 700mA resistive load.  Communication is via Modbus RTU with programmable Baud rate, format and response delay set up via internal keys and display or smart phone using the free Pixsys APP.

Modbus Expansion module
Modbus Expansion module


MCM260X-1AD 16 Digital outputs 700mA

MCM260X-2AD 16 Digital outputs PNP

MCM260X-3AD 8 Digital outputs 700mA + 8 Digital inputs PNP

MCM260X-4AD 8 Relay outputs 5A + 8 Digital inputs PNP

MCM260X-5AD 4 Analogue inputs V,mA,TC,RTD,mV & 2 Analogue outputs V/mA

MCM260X-9AD 4 Analogue inputs V,mA,TC,RTD,mV & 2 Analogue outputs V/mA, 8 Digital outputs 700mA + 8 Digital inputs PNP

APM Power Meter now available

The APM-PWR-APO is a compact power meter that measures mains circuits up to 300VAC LN / 600VAC LL and 6A as well as Potential Transformers (PT) supported up to 10,000V and Current Transformers (CT) up to 10,000A.

APM Power Meter

The APM-PWR-APO is easily configured by the free APM configurator software with standard USB cable and powered by a 100 to 277VAC supply.  The APM-PWR-APO supports the tri-coloured programmable back-lighting to instantly warn operators if measurements go outside safe limits.

The APM Power Meter supports Modbus RTU protocol in the standard model, for integration into third party systems in addition to having 2 digital and 1 analogue output.