W410 and 457 Large digit displays available for long viewing distance.

The new W410 (100mm LED) and 457 (57mm LED) large digit display range for industrial applications are available from stock.

Extra large digit display

The W410 extra large digit display can be viewed typically from 50 mtr.  It has 8 levels of brightness selectable in the program menu, a universal input which includes RTD, thermocouple, 4-20mA, 0-10V and mV ranges, it also features relay outputs RS485 Modbus port and optional analogue output. Initial set up programming can be performed by an internal keypad, via an infra red remote programmer or via RS485 using free configuration software.

Multi Colour Large Digit Display

The 457 is stocked with red ultrabright LED as standard, but can be ordered with gree, blue or a multi-colour version that can change colour on threshold.  The 457  large digit display can be viewed typically from 50 mtr and is supplied in a IP66ABS case.  All the inpt and output options available on the W410 are also available on the 457 Large LED display