4-20mA Modbus RTU Current transformer

Added to the expanding range of products from Ucontrol Pty Ltd are the new T201DCH Modbus RTU and 4-20mA current transducers or current transformers.


These competitively priced current transformers are available in the full scale ranges 50A, 100A and 300A each with 50% full range selection via a dip switch; hence 50A = 25A, 100A = 50A and 300A = 150A.

For the loop powered 4-20mA version T201DCH xx LP it is 9 – 28 VDC. The power supply for Modbus RTU version T201DCH xx M is 12 – 28 VDC, this model also offers a 0-10VDC linear output.

The measuring technology behind our current transducer is Hall Effect or TRMS with Bi-Polar input range and it can be use for both AC and DC circuits giving a very high accuracy of 0.2 to .5%

Current Transformer with 4-20mA

The Modbus current transducer version is programmed with EASY free software or via on board dipswitches.  The baud rate is 1200 to 115200 address 1-250.

The entire T201 DCH range of current transformers are supplied
Free or on DIN rail IEC EN 60715 (35 mm) mount with accessories.

For further information please do not hesitate to visit our Website https://www.ucontrol.com.au/signal-isolator-converter.html