Frequency Meter Added to Range of Panel Meters

Our new Truapm-Freq digital panel meter with frequency input is added to the range of unique digital panel meters.

The Truapm-Freq frequency meter accepts inputs from both AC and DC signals, from 30 – 400 Hz up to maximum voltage of 526 Volts.

Due to flexibility of program software, the frequency meter can be programmed to measure zero crossing AC wave forms or complex DC wave forms.  This is enabled by settings in the free configuration software.  Setting lower and upper threshold settings the instrument can measure DC.

All the devices in the APM range are available with optional outputs & these are no exception.  So as with all TRUAPM digital panel meters the unit is available with 2 switched or linear outputs, 500mA static, maz 24VDC or 0-50mA (4-20mA) respectively.  These are select-able in the software

Uses include mains applications – generators and power perfomance monitoring – industrial applications – process monitoring – aviation industry applications.

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