ATR243 temperature controller coming soon with smart phone configuration

The popularity of the  ATR243 temperature controller has been unparalleled.  Due to combination of low price and flexible features.  One of the first temperature controllers that offered wide ranging 24-240V AC/DC supply.  Memory card & PC configuration.  Universal inputs such as mV, volts, 4-20mA, thermocouples and RTD sensors & outputs such as relay, 4-20mA, 0-10V, servo drive control, all user configurable & in a budget priced instrument.  Software enhancements which allow two stage profile control for kilns or soft start and comprehensive alarm strategies.

ATR243 Temperature controls

A version of ATR243 will be available soon with smart phone configuration using NFC function.  The app will be downloaded from google play.  The configuration file can be loaded without power to the controller as per all the other devices in the Pixsys range with this functionality, just by placing the phone near the front of the bezel.

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