Modbus RTU Display Panel Meter

The STR571 Modbus display is a master or slave Modbus RTU display which can read, indicate and allow writing to a number of registers via Modbus RTU protocol on multiple RS485 networks. The STR571 can indicate between 1 and 4 registers on a single page along with tags and engineering units. Pages can automatically scan from 1 to the next or be manually indexed.
digital panel meter Modbus
In Master mode, the STR571 Modbus panel display can read the registers in a number of 16 or 32 bit formats & rescale the values.  Alternatively a register value can index preset messages via the enumerate function.

The STR571 Modbus panel display has 2 x 2A relay outputs which can be assigned individually to any number of its input registers & a potentiometer input which can be used for simple set point adjustment of any of its registers used for write commands.

Set up of the STR571 Modbus RTU display can be performed a number of ways. By frontal keypad and english abbreviated set up menu, by Anroid smartphone using NFC function and free Pixsys APP which is available on google play or micro USB flash card.