Wide ranging APM Rate Panel Meter

The new APM-RATE-APO is a wide ranging panel meter for measurement of pulse frequency in a variety of applications.

APM Rate Meter

The APM Rate meter has a frequency range of 0.001 Hz to 60 Khz.  So the APM-RATE-APO is suitable even for very slow applications where a pulse is measured every 1000 seconds.  The input is maximum of 36V,  logic = 0 when input < 1.2V and when > 2.0 V logic = 1.  It has a high accuracy of 0.01% and packs all the fantastic features of the other APM models such as multi coloured back light which can change on threshold,  90 degree digital bar-graph, customized engineering units & 2 outputs which can be set for digital output or 4-20mA retransmission.

The APM configuration software ensures set up could be any quicker or user friendly.  Visit our page www.ucontrol.com.au/digital-panel-meters.html   for more information

APM Rate Meter Software
APM Rate Meter Software

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