Current Shunt Panel Meter added to APM range

A digital panel meter specifically for current shunts used for measurement of current used DC circuits has been added to the Advanced Panel meter range of instruments.  The APM-SHUNT-APO accepts a highly accurate full range input signal of 0 to 1000 mV so can be used with standard 50mV, 75mV and 100 mV applications which are commonly used.



The APM-SHUNT-APO maintains all the great features of the APM range  such as multi colour dynamic back light selection, 90 degree digital bar-graph, simple set up using the free APM configuration software & selectable digital or 4-20mA analogue outputs in a standard DIN 72 panel meter cut out package with IP65 environmental protection.

The APM-SHUNT-APO current shunt meter requires 12-24VAC/DC power supply, so is also suitable for use in automotive and marine applications.  For further information of the NEW APM current shunt digital panel meter please visit this link: Panel meter