New Mains Powered Volt, Frequency & Current Digital Panel Meter

The Truapm innovative range of panel meters for electrical measurement applications is now available with a multi-input Volt Frequency and Current panel meter with a 100-240VAC supply.


The new APM-M2 Ammeter Voltmeter digital panel meter has 2 digital and a single analogue output as standard.  As with the entire TRU-APM range red, green or white back-lighting can be selected and a change of colour for alarm thresholds, so operators are instantly alerted to any alarm conditions.

The measuring range is 0-600 Volt AC DC RMS, 2-400 hz or 0-5A AC DC either direct for low voltage, or indirectly via a current transformer.

Input selection, range, back-light colour & descriptor is all configurable by PC software using standard USB printer cable.

Modbus RTU Display Panel Meter

The STR571 Modbus display is a master or slave Modbus RTU display which can read, indicate and allow writing to a number of registers via Modbus RTU protocol on multiple RS485 networks. The STR571 can indicate between 1 and 4 registers on a single page along with tags and engineering units. Pages can automatically scan from 1 to the next or be manually indexed.
digital panel meter Modbus
In Master mode, the STR571 Modbus panel display can read the registers in a number of 16 or 32 bit formats & rescale the values.  Alternatively a register value can index preset messages via the enumerate function.

The STR571 Modbus panel display has 2 x 2A relay outputs which can be assigned individually to any number of its input registers & a potentiometer input which can be used for simple set point adjustment of any of its registers used for write commands.

Set up of the STR571 Modbus RTU display can be performed a number of ways. By frontal keypad and english abbreviated set up menu, by Anroid smartphone using NFC function and free Pixsys APP which is available on google play or micro USB flash card.




Frequency Meter Added to Range of Panel Meters

Our new Truapm-Freq digital panel meter with frequency input is added to the range of unique digital panel meters.

The Truapm-Freq frequency meter accepts inputs from both AC and DC signals, from 30 – 400 Hz up to maximum voltage of 526 Volts.

Due to flexibility of program software, the frequency meter can be programmed to measure zero crossing AC wave forms or complex DC wave forms.  This is enabled by settings in the free configuration software.  Setting lower and upper threshold settings the instrument can measure DC.

All the devices in the APM range are available with optional outputs & these are no exception.  So as with all TRUAPM digital panel meters the unit is available with 2 switched or linear outputs, 500mA static, maz 24VDC or 0-50mA (4-20mA) respectively.  These are select-able in the software

Uses include mains applications – generators and power perfomance monitoring – industrial applications – process monitoring – aviation industry applications.

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Temperature Controller for Kiln

Our new URE72 temperature controller is a self contained 15 stage of up to 15 programs kiln controller fitted with a Clipsal 410 4 pin socket, so it can directly replace products such as the Harco controller and other similar devices.

Kiln Temperature Controller
Kiln Temperature Controller

The URE72 kiln controller can be set up by the frontal push buttons or PC software.  The PC software feature makes the URE72 controller stand out from the competition.  Using the software is simple and fast method of entering programs.  Using the PC software also makes it convenient to use the full program capacity of 15 programs x 15 stages, a temperature profile can also be graphed.




Once the program is entered simple push button activation will start the program, current set-point and temperature will be displayed on the 4 digit LED display until program end.



Smart Phone App available for Digital Panel Meters

Pixsys STR range of digital panel meters has the unique and extremely user friendly feature of being configurable by Android smartphone.

Download the free MyPixsys APP from Google Play.  Enable the NFC function of the phone then touch the rear of the phone against the digital panel meter bezel.  The APP will identify which panel meter model and load configuration parameters.  make any adjustments required to the panel meter settings then write down new parameters to the panel meter.  Error free configuration  changes in seconds.  No manuals menus, sub menus, passwords.

Smart Phone APP digital panel meter
Smart Phone APP digital panel meter

Traditional methods of configuration are still possible, by frontal push buttons, PC configuration & standard pre-loaded mini USB flashcard but Smartphone configuration sets a new standard in digital panel meter technology.


Digital panel meters with Android smart phone configuration.

Pixsys STR  model digital panel meters are setting new standards in panel meter technology.

There are 3 models in the range.  The STR551 which is a universal analog input which includes inputs such as thermocouple, RTD, NTC thermistor, 4-20mA, 0-10V, mV and potentiometer.

The STR561 is a strain gauge input version which provides the bridge excitation & is used for weighing applications.

Both these models have a choice of numeric and  bargraph, numeric only or trend as primary display.  The display orientation can be vertical or horizontal this is programmed in the menu.

Hardware features such as 2 relay outputs, 2 digital inputs, 4-20mA re transmission, Modbus RTU are also standard.

STR  panel meter

The last panel meter in the range is the Model STR571.  This is a Modbus RTU only digital panel meter.  It has 2 ports, one is a master and one is a slave.  Up to 8 registers can be managed via read or write and 1 to 4 can be displayed per page depending on how large you would like the digits to be.  The STR571 has 2 alarm relays which can be assigned to individual or all registers.  There is also a potentiometer input should the user require simple pot rotation set point adjustment, rather than set point entry via keypad

All STR panel meter  models have to unique feature of being smart phone programmable via NFC.  Using the MyPixsys app available from Google Play, simply touch the rear of the smart phone onto the bezel of the panel meter to read device parameters, edit then touch to download.  A very fast method which eliminates possibility for errors.

Supply voltage is a wide ranging 24 to 240 VAC/DC.

Blueline temperature controller sets new standards

Ucontrol Pty Ltd are pleased to announce the launch of the new Blueline temperature controller and process controller range from Pixsys.

The Blue line range is a 48 x 48 DIN temperature controller which provides a number of innovative features and advanced functions which is unique for a controller in this low price bracket.

Set up of the controller can be performed in 4 ways.  It can be done by the frontal keypad via the configuration menu which is simple to interpret & displayed in  English abbreviated prompts.

The quickest and most convenient method is by Android smart phone utilizing the Pixsys App available free of charge from Google play.  The connection is wireless via NFC, simply touch the controller front bezel with back of the phone to read, write or clone the set up.

PC Connection via mini USB is also available using free labsoftview software.  The USB port can also accept a mini USB flash card where settings can be stored and downloaded to the controller.

Helpful  for both for installation engineer and operator include the new scrolling help features.

As standard the Blueline temperature controller accepts universal inputs which include 4-20mA, 0-10V, R,S,T,N,J & K type thermocouple, PT100, PT1000, mV and potentiometer inputs.  If using 4-20mA loops the input can be active or passive and powered by the on board transmitter power supply.

Even in the most basic model, most of the common outputs are supported in one part number such as 0-10V, 4-20mA, relay, SSR & even servo valve drive for modulating motors.

This is in addition to standard features such as multiple relay alarms outputs, digital inputs & wide ranging power supply 24-240 VAC/DC.

4-20mA temperature controller

Optional Modbus RTU via the RS485 port is available in the 244-23ABC-T temperature controller.  A second analogue input, second PID loop and second analogue output are available allowing for advanced features such as dual loop PID control, cascade loop control, remote setpoint input, output & ratio control.

New Budget Priced Digital Panel Meter

The NEW N24 digital panel meter is designed for measurement of d.c. voltage or current,  temperature sensors through Pt100 resistance devices, type J, K thermocouples, a.c. voltage and current.
The N24 has a96 x 48 DIN impact resistant moulded bezel which is rated to IP65, LED digit height is a large 20 mm digit making viewing distance possible from up to 10 metres
The input type is fixed, but parameters programmable by PC software using PD14 programmer are:
decimal point selection, measurement averaging time,  input scale to display range, automatic or manual compensation: cold juncti on
temperature for measurement with thermocouples
or wire resistance for measurement with Pt100 (N24T).

Available 230V AC or 24VDC with 24V transmitter power supply.


Typical applications



Digital Panel Meter Solutions

Ucontrol Pty Ltd Australia now offer a comprehensive range of digital panel meters to suit many applications.

For process control there is our loop powered panel meter S315 which was one of the first digital panel meter to utilize high brightness LED for low power instruments.  This product boasts simple user scaling and configuration & is packaged in an IP65 panel mount enclosure.


Then for process and energy applications we have the TRUAPM range of panel meters.  these items offer very attractive visual displays with multicolored back lighting that can be changed on threshold.  90 degree digital moving scale 4-20 mA and digital outputs.  Standard ranges and configuration can be set via dip switches of the unit can be fully customized by the free configuration software.  the range covers process signals such as 4-20mA 0-10V & also electrical supply inputs including up to 600 volts, 5A current, frequency, mV from current shunts & the new current transformer panel meter.


The flagship of the range is the STR551 digital panel meter.  This product designed for the process industry with 4-20mA, 0-10V, thermocouple, PT100 & many other input signal.  Displays include large numeric,  bar-graph, trends with data logging.  Modbus RTU and isolated re-transmission output are standard & this is the worlds first digital panel meter capable of being programmed via an Android smart phone using the free application from Google Play.

Panel meter

Low cost, high functionality, quality build temperature controller ATR226

ATR226 is the newest temperature controller in the ATR family.  The approach to design and production for this model was incorporate all the required features into one part number and mass  produce hence keep the sale price as low as possible.


This was achieved and the ATR226 packs in the following features. Programmable input for thermocouple, PT100, PT1000 & NTC thermistors.  Two relay outputs and one logic output for solid state relay.  PID, on/off algorithm with auto-tuning and soft start. Multiple alarm strategies & a digital input for several functions including manual alarm reset making the ATR226 an ideal solution for over-temperature applications.

Configuration by Labsoftview PC based program software, mini USB flash card or keypad.  Wide ranging 24 to 240V AC/DC supply with no need to change links or jumpers.  IP65 protection with impact resistant bezel and neoprene click action push buttons.  Also a shorter case depth of 90mm


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