ATR243 temperature controller coming soon with smart phone configuration

The popularity of the  ATR243 temperature controller has been unparalleled.  Due to combination of low price and flexible features.  One of the first temperature controllers that offered wide ranging 24-240V AC/DC supply.  Memory card & PC configuration.  Universal inputs such as mV, volts, 4-20mA, thermocouples and RTD sensors & outputs such as relay, 4-20mA, 0-10V, servo drive control, all user configurable & in a budget priced instrument.  Software enhancements which allow two stage profile control for kilns or soft start and comprehensive alarm strategies.

ATR243 Temperature controls

A version of ATR243 will be available soon with smart phone configuration using NFC function.  The app will be downloaded from google play.  The configuration file can be loaded without power to the controller as per all the other devices in the Pixsys range with this functionality, just by placing the phone near the front of the bezel.

Smart phone programmable digital panel meter

Ucontrol Pty Ltd in Australia unveil the first smart phone configurable digital panel meter.  The STR551 is a universal input panel meter which includes RTD, thermocouple, 4-20mA, Volts, mV & potentiometer input.  This panel meter allows display of PV in numeric, bargraph and trend format, with isolated analogue output, relay outputs and Modbus RTU as standard.

The clever innovation is the quick programming using an Android smart phone.  Simply install the app from google play, hold the phone close to the bezel to establish recognition of the device via the NFC function.  Select your parameters and hold the phone back near the bezel to transfer the settings.  This can also be done without power.

Panel meter

TRU-APM_PROC low priced process panel meter with high end features

The TRUAPM-PROC is a unique digital panel meter with many advanced features you would not expect in a process instrument with a price bracket under $150.  Some standard features include muliple 4-20 mA or digital outputs in addition to a 20 point non linear input table, messages and backlight colour changes on threshold.


Configuration is very simple via a free PC based configuration tool using a standard printer cable.  Auxilliary supply is 12-24VAC/DC and the unit boasts a wide temperature operating range, a 3 year warranty is an endorsement of the build quality.

Pioneering Digital Panel Meter Technology & Affordability

TRUAMP Digital Panel Meter
Advanced digital panel meter from UcontrolPty Ltd

For under $100, Combine the advantages of traditional moving coil meters with the features and accuracy of modern digital panel meters. Change backlight colour and intensity on thresholds, annotations and messages on threshold. 40 segment analogue scale 4 digit numeric display. User scalable via 16 preset dipswitch positions or completely custom scaled via free software. Inputs -VOLT 0-600VDC 0-528 AC TRMS DC & 30-4000 hZ. -AMP 0-5A direct or via CT 0-1000A Max contuinuous voltage 0-30VAC or 0-60VDC FREQ – 0-400 hZ Voltage 10-528V, IP65 72 x 72, supply 12 – 24VAC/DC .. go to our website: for further details