APM Power Meter now available

The APM-PWR-APO is a compact power meter that measures mains circuits up to 300VAC LN / 600VAC LL and 6A as well as Potential Transformers (PT) supported up to 10,000V and Current Transformers (CT) up to 10,000A.

APM Power Meter

The APM-PWR-APO is easily configured by the free APM configurator software with standard USB cable and powered by a 100 to 277VAC supply.  The APM-PWR-APO supports the tri-coloured programmable back-lighting to instantly warn operators if measurements go outside safe limits.

The APM Power Meter supports Modbus RTU protocol in the standard model, for integration into third party systems in addition to having 2 digital and 1 analogue output.

DRR244 Advanced DIN rail controller is here.

DRR244 DIN rail Process and temperature controller sets the highest standards as a DIN rail mounted, single loop controller. With its large, bright 2 line display, which ensures optimal visibility and increased level of information for the user with new English scrolling Help functions.

DIN Rail Controller

Why this DIN rail controller is so Unique:

User selectable Output :
Choose from; Relay, Logic, 0-10V, 4-20mA or Servo Valve Drive.
Universal Power Supply:
24-240VAC/DC no selection required:
Scrolling Help menu:
No manual? No problem! As you click on each parameter, a scrolling description appears in the lower display:
Contactless Smart Phone Configuration:
PC configuration via mini USB port via Labviewsoft software.
3 relay, 2 pnp and 1 analogue mA/V outputs
1 Universal analogue and 2 PNP inputs with 12 or 24VDC selectable transmitter power supply
Program with Android App

Programming is possible by NFC/RFID technology with dedicated App MyPixsys for Android smartphones and now IOS.  Power is not required for this function, allowing quick set-up/updates on site.  Set up files can be saved and emailed

Low Cost Smart Relays with powerful functionality

SR Series smart relays are available in2 versions; SR12-MRDC has 8 inputs and 4 mechanical relay outputs, SR22-MRDC has 12 Inputs and 8 mechanical relay outputs.

The Power supply is 12-24VDC, inputs can be PNP or NPN or 0-10VDC analogue signals.

The SR series smart relay  has a clip on frontal HMI which displays 4 lines of 10 characters, they can be used for operator access for view & adjustment  of essential parameters or just view of messages and status.

SR Smart Relay
SR Series Smart Relay


The HMI can also be mounted in a panel mount adapter kit eliminating the cost of an often expensive machine interface.

The Program software Supercad, is simple to learn FBD based tool which is  a free download. It has simulation and monitor features and a wide variety of standard functions including real time clock/scheduler, timers, up down counters and analogue comparators etc.


https://www.ucontrol.com.au/hmi-plc.html  for full range of PLC solutions



low Cost BACnet Modbus RTU Converter

Do you have requirement to convert Modbus RTU into BACnet MS/TP then the AT-DSCB could be a perfect low priced solution.  The AT-DSCB BACnet Modbus converter is a standalone BACnet B-ASC class programmable DIN rail device with a Modbus RTU Master or Slave port. It uses 32-bit microprocessor core, communication up to 76,800 bps, transmission distance up to 1,200 meter. Modbus RTU port max 38400 bps, can be master or slave and read or write to up to 100 registers. AT-DSCB conforms international BACnet MS/TP communication protocol and fully compatible with any BACnet system.   Instance address and other settings are configured via free software MAC address is set by on board dipswitches.


Wide ranging APM Rate Panel Meter

The new APM-RATE-APO is a wide ranging panel meter for measurement of pulse frequency in a variety of applications.

APM Rate Meter

The APM Rate meter has a frequency range of 0.001 Hz to 60 Khz.  So the APM-RATE-APO is suitable even for very slow applications where a pulse is measured every 1000 seconds.  The input is maximum of 36V,  logic = 0 when input < 1.2V and when > 2.0 V logic = 1.  It has a high accuracy of 0.01% and packs all the fantastic features of the other APM models such as multi coloured back light which can change on threshold,  90 degree digital bar-graph, customized engineering units & 2 outputs which can be set for digital output or 4-20mA retransmission.

The APM configuration software ensures set up could be any quicker or user friendly.  Visit our page www.ucontrol.com.au/digital-panel-meters.html   for more information

APM Rate Meter Software
APM Rate Meter Software

4-20mA Modbus RTU Current transformer

Added to the expanding range of products from Ucontrol Pty Ltd are the new T201DCH Modbus RTU and 4-20mA current transducers or current transformers.


These competitively priced current transformers are available in the full scale ranges 50A, 100A and 300A each with 50% full range selection via a dip switch; hence 50A = 25A, 100A = 50A and 300A = 150A.

For the loop powered 4-20mA version T201DCH xx LP it is 9 – 28 VDC. The power supply for Modbus RTU version T201DCH xx M is 12 – 28 VDC, this model also offers a 0-10VDC linear output.

The measuring technology behind our current transducer is Hall Effect or TRMS with Bi-Polar input range and it can be use for both AC and DC circuits giving a very high accuracy of 0.2 to .5%

Current Transformer with 4-20mA

The Modbus current transducer version is programmed with EASY free software or via on board dipswitches.  The baud rate is 1200 to 115200 address 1-250.

The entire T201 DCH range of current transformers are supplied
Free or on DIN rail IEC EN 60715 (35 mm) mount with accessories.

For further information please do not hesitate to visit our Website https://www.ucontrol.com.au/signal-isolator-converter.html

Truapm-Proc panel meter perfect for tank silo measurement application

The Truaapm-proc-apo digital panel meter is perfect solution for tank silo measurement application.  The APM-Proc-apo panel meter receives industry standard 4-20mA or 0-10V from either pressure transmitter – hydro-static measurement, ultrasonic transmitter or another type of measurement device with a DC analogue output.


The 4-20mA or 0-10V signal can be scaled into engineering units such as gallons or litres.  This scale can be between 2 points for a linear signal such as required for a vertically mounted cylindrical tank or up to 20 points of linearization for horizontally mounted cylindrical tank.

The APM digital panel meter LCD display is both numeric and 90 degree bar-graph.  Numeric gives the accuracy and the bar-graph an instant notification and reference to tank capacity, of where the level is.

The display back-lighting can be red, green or white, or in case where levels are exceeded, the display can change colour and even flash.


For control &  integration into remote systems there are 2 outputs that can be a static switched digital output 500 mA or analogue re-transmission 4-20mA.  Power supply is 12-24VAC/DC



Current Shunt Panel Meter added to APM range

A digital panel meter specifically for current shunts used for measurement of current used DC circuits has been added to the Advanced Panel meter range of instruments.  The APM-SHUNT-APO accepts a highly accurate full range input signal of 0 to 1000 mV so can be used with standard 50mV, 75mV and 100 mV applications which are commonly used.



The APM-SHUNT-APO maintains all the great features of the APM range  such as multi colour dynamic back light selection, 90 degree digital bar-graph, simple set up using the free APM configuration software & selectable digital or 4-20mA analogue outputs in a standard DIN 72 panel meter cut out package with IP65 environmental protection.

The APM-SHUNT-APO current shunt meter requires 12-24VAC/DC power supply, so is also suitable for use in automotive and marine applications.  For further information of the NEW APM current shunt digital panel meter please visit this link: Panel meter


New!! Current meter optimised for Current transformer inputs

The APM-CT-APO is a new APM panel meter optimised for 0-5 Amp secondary inputs from standard AC current transformers or CT’s.  The APM has the great features of numeric display with 90 degree digital bar-graph, adjustable back-light colour, colour change on threshold, flash back-light on alarm and integrate static digital outputs on threshold.  Or up to 2 re-transmission outputs via 4-20mA,  to external devices or systems.

current transformer panel meter

CT input range 0-5A & display range 0-9999A can be set either by external dip-switch with up to 20 preset ranges or universally adjustable configuration in free TRUAPM software.  Which is downloaded to the CT panel meter via standard USB printer cable.

The CT Panel meter is encased in an enclosure with an impact resistant bezel with  IP65 rating and accepts a 12-24VAC/DC power supply.

For further information please visit our digital panel meter webpage  https://www.ucontrol.com.au/

TD Range powerful HMI with PLC and Modbus

The new European manufactured TD LCD touchscreen range of Pixsys HMI’s offers a powerful and flexible solution for complete machine control or interfacing with third party PLC.

Modbus HMI

The TD series HMI is a high resolution range of screens from 4.3 to 12.1 inch with which uses a ARM Cortex a8 processor with integrated eMMC 4GB / RAM 512 DDR3 memory.  Solid state technology makes it suitable for industrial environments where there is likely to be mechanical disturbances &  vibrations.

The TD HMI range is equipped with facility to mount rear I/O expansion cards ETD1644.  The TD410 4.3″ screen a single card due to physical size, the other TD models up to 2 cards.  This will provide up to 32 digital I/O, 8 16 bit  fully universal analogue inputs which include thermocouple inpts, PT100, PT1000 RTD sensors, 0-10V, 4-20mA 0-6K potentiometers and more.

The TD series has a powerful soft logic capability transforming from a HMI to a complete HMI/PLC control solution.  The development environment is called Logiclab which meets the standard IEC 61131 allowing multiple methods of programming eg ladder, function block, etc

TD710 upwards provides 2 serial ports, 1 CANopen port, 1 Ethernet port & 2 USB ports.  Supporting standard Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU master or slave protocols.

Through the Movicon graphics software there is ability to automatically map to the logic variables and communicate with up to 80 third party protocols including Modbus, Allen Bradley, Siemens, BACNET IP etc

For further information please visit: https://www.ucontrol.com.au/hmi-plc.html